How to choose bench grinder – Honest Guide

Drilling machines – every household should have one because there is always something to do. For the private craftsman, who likes to do more than just drill holes in the walls, there are table boring machines. These are usually already at relatively low prices to acquire. Before you decide to buy a table drilling machine, you should be thoroughly informed and be advised. Because drilling machine is not an equal drill.


Application of a table drilling machine

Table drilling machines are small all-rounders. Rubbing, drilling, lowering, small milling work – a table drilling machine can be used universally. Before you go to the drilling, you need various accessories, because without a drill, etc. runs nothing. When choosing the drills, you should not look at the money. Only with a quality tool can one do good work and achieve a good result. A machine vice is also important in which can be firmly and securely clamped. It is to be noted that the vice can be screwed on the table plate of the drilling machine. It is only when the work piece is adequately secured that bores etc. can be inserted. There are no limits to the scope of tasks.

How a table boring machine works

A bench drilling machine is a tool that allows you to drill holes in different materials using a drill. A gearbox transmits the motor force to the quill with drill spindle and drill chuck. The drill bit can be moved up and down by moving a level up or down or rotating a rotary ring. When an automatic feed is switched on, the table boring machine automatically bores up to the adjusted stop ring.


Features of a table boring machine

The best bench grinder should have a high-torque and high-performance motor with a high torque in every speed range and a sufficient drilling depth of at least 65 mm. The speed should be infinitely variable and should be within the range of 200 – 2500 revolutions per minute. The speed must have a display on which you can read it. Furthermore, the drill head should be height-adjustable. A drilling depth indicator should be available in mm on the rotating ring or in the area of ​​the spindle.

The table boring machine should also have an automatic feed as well as a feed ring which automatically switches off the drilling process when the drilling depth is reached. A long and precise pinion guide must be ensured, even with a large drilling depth. The drilling spindle must be guided using precision ball bearings and should comply with the DIN standard.


The table boring machine should have a solid design, be heavy and have a large foot or floor so that it has a secure stand. The most important component – which must always be present – is an emergency stop switch. Sometimes, when you buy a table-top drilling machine, you will also find accessories. For example, the following tools and components are needed for a clean and professional work: Kona drivers, two drill chucks (lockable and quick-action chuck), conical sleeves, drill and reamer extensions, drilling machine vices, good drills, countersinks, and reamers.