Information on South African-facing online casinos has traditionally been scarce due to the non-regulation and uncertainty in the online gambling industry. Unclear laws and regulations allowed for illegal casino operators to have free range on the local online casino players, exploiting their naïveté. The landscape has considerably changed and about 20 legal European casino operators have been allowed to take ZAR-based deposits, bets and provide the same currency back in payouts. A brief search southafrica-online-casino will reveal plenty of sites that provide comparisons and more detail on new South African casinos such as their game variety and bonus offerings.


Checking of online casinos are legal

An online casino is only as legal as the casino license that it bears. This means that not all casino licenses are equal in authority and reach. Players are expected to do some basic investigation into a casino's license before deciding to take the next step. The new casinos that enter the market should possess the hard-hitting Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license which allows them to trade fully in the South African market as a foreign casino. Similar to the online casino's license the license and the legalities of the casino's game providers needs to the checked. This can be done with free casino play.

Free casino games

Any online casino that has the best interest of its players at heart will be transparent with its game providers and games without expecting a financial commitment from the players up front. Casino / Player relationships are based on trust and this trust must be earned up front. Free play allows the player to gauge the variety of the casino games on offer and also delve into aspects such as the game technicalities. Besides finding a theme and variant of the game that suits the player's gameplay style, the player can also check out important information such as the game's RTP percentage.;

What is RTP?

The RTP of any casino game refers to the percentage of the player's wagers on that game that he back expect back in payouts over his playing time on the game. For example: If a game's RTP is listed at 96.95% then it means for every R100 that the player wagers on the game, he can expect R96.95 back over time. Casino players like to forge a long-term relationship with a casino and one or two games that he feels comfortable with. If the game features a high RTP percentage, then the players is more likely to remain playing it over the long term.

South African free game casinos

When evaluating an online casino, South African players need to firstly look at the licensing aspects of the casino and its game providers. If the casino offers free play then that means the casino does not mind the players evaluating the games and the operational aspects of the casino without making a sign up or deposit commitment first. While evaluating the games a player can also get to grips with other aspects such as the payments side of the casino and see what the casino's security policies are in terms of player and data protection. Better to be prepared than to have hassles later on.